Duty of Care

An energizing courtroom drama about the pioneers of climate litigation.

‘Duty of Care’ tells the exclusive inside story of Roger Cox, the Dutch lawyer who initiated the groundbreaking climate trials against the government and the oil and gas giant Shell. These two landmark rulings led to an international wave of successful climate cases.

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Available in English, French and Dutch.

“A gripping documentary.”
Knack Magazine

“Duty of Care gives even the most pessimistic person a little hope.”
De Groene Amsterdammer

"A film with an urgency in touch with history in progress, fascinating by its subject, enlightening and above all inspiring."
Le Vif

"A compelling David and Goliath story."
De Morgen

An inspiring film, that serves as a call to action for all of us to take action, no matter how difficult or seemingly impossible the battle may appear. I thought it was great.
Cyril Dion

"A moving portrait about law and responsibility."

"The epic of a modern hero.”
De Standaard

“A really exhilarating film.”


Take Action

Our aim is to spread the benign virus of climate justice through the courts.
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Our dream is for this message to reach everyone involved in law, justice, climate, and sustainability. We aim to inspire lawyers and legal professionals around the world to initiate and win climate litigations in their own countries. Help us spread the message and organize your own screening.


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Help us spread the word about this documentary by sharing it with organizations, social media networks, journalists, and anyone else who might be interested. Your support in sharing this important message would mean a lot!


Start your own litigation

There is no fixed playbook for starting your own climate or environmental court case, but here are some places to get inspired.


As a longtime climate activist Nic Balthazar has produced and directed several environmental docs and audiovisual projects that helped grow the climate movement in Belgium.

take action
take action
take action
take action
take action
take action

The big ask

2006 ‘The Big Ask’, a visionary short film where sand animation turns into live-animation with 5.000 people (!) who try to explain what ‘runaway climate change’ means, and ask for a Climate Law. In collaboration with “Friends of the Earth”

Dance for the Climate

2008 In the run-up to the Copenhagen COP, 10.000 people learn and perform a choreography, to music gracefully lent out by U2. The project brings all the environmental and climate NGO’s together in the ‘Climate Coalition’.

Sing for the Climate

2012 Almost half a million people in over 40 countries join in in this Climate karaoke, to the melody of ‘Bella Ciao’, with new lyrics ‘Do It Now’ making it into an environmental anthem. See www.singfortheclimate.com. The movement is still growing!

Clap for the Climate

2019 A sort of Climate Viking Clap at Summer festivals, with a clip to make clear how little time there was left to avert a climate catastrophe.


The Climate plea

2019 ‘Klimaatbetoog’ (the Climate plea) produced by WarnerBrosEurope) 10 years after ‘An Inconvenient Truth’. This is a similar ‘lecture-documentary’ in which Nic tries to explain what the real problems and the most hopeful solutions are in respect to climate disruption.

Lawyer for the Climate

2020 As one of the 11 founders of the Belgian Climate Case, Nic Balthazar tried to set up an original way of drawing attention to the start of the hearing, by having people all over the country film their silent standstill protest, dressed up in improvised ‘robes’.


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